Meet Lisa


Certified Pilates Trainer 

Lisa's relationship with Pilates developed in 1998 while living in Miami and taking Pilates as a client. Her love for Pilates didn’t truly begin until she learned to slow her mind down. 

At the time, Lisa’s Type A personality kept her from immediately connecting to Pilates because she had been use to cardio-based workouts. However, after a couple months of training she began to see the benefits of Pilates and how it not only toned her body, but also provided postural and lengthening benefits. 


18 years later, Lisa now has certifications in Stott, Balanced Body and Power Pilates. Teaching the benefits of Pilates from proper alignment to the proper muscular recruitment before flowing through an exercise brings Lisa pure joy. 


She says the shell is always an easy fix. It’s the interior and learning to work with injuries as well as the mind that’s the deeper fix. Teaching her clients to challenge the mind then the body is always the first step. 

Lisa was a co-owner of Townsend Street Pilates in Birmingham, Michigan for 15 years until they closed their doors a few years ago. She is also the proud mother of two beautiful young adults and has a Bachelors of Science from Wayne State University.



Joseph Pilates taught us “a man is as young as his spinal column”.

Lisa's love for Pilates initially began with the physical, but with age comes wisdom. Seeing her clients learn to focus from the inside out is beyond fulfilling. 

Pilates is a constant educational process. The learning never stops. The typical Pilates client comes in expecting one thing (typically great abs), but soon learns that our work starts with proper breathing and alignment before we even move a muscle. 

Each client and each hour, Lisa is blessed to have a different puzzle (body) in front of her. Putting the puzzle together so he or she can leave feeling not only strong but elongated and fully connected with body awareness is truly an amazing experience. 

With her clients ranging from 7- 84 years old, Lisa truly embraces the saying, “Pilates is for everyBody”.