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Hi, I’m Lisa

Certified Pilates Trainer 

My relationship with Pilates developed in 1998 while living in Miami and taking Pilates as a client. My love for Pilates didn’t truly begin until I learned to slow my mind down. 

At the time, my Type A personality kept me from immediately connecting to Pilates because I had been used to cardio-based workouts. However, after a couple months of training I began to see the benefits of Pilates and how it not only toned my body, but also provided postural and lengthening benefits. 


18 years later, I now have certifications in Stott, Balanced Body and Power Pilates. Teaching the benefits of Pilates from proper alignment to the proper muscular recruitment before flowing through an exercise brings me pure joy. 


The shell is always an easy fix. It’s the interior and learning to work with injuries as well as the mind that’s the deeper fix. Teaching my clients to challenge the mind then the body is always the first step. 

Introducing Pilates+

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

Pilates+ was developed with YOU in mind. With every client's physical goals being different, Lisa customizes your training session to best fit your personal needs and wants.

No matter what your physical condition is, with the appropriate training Pilates+ is sure to give you the best physical results PLUS mental clarity and enhanced stamina.

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(3-4 people) would love to find a photo of an actual semi private class but have Been unsuccessful. We currently have a photo of a private client.

1 Semi Private...$45 each (drop in)

4 Pack...$172 each ($43 per session)

8 Pack...$320 ($40 per session) 

Private Virtual Clients

1 Private $70

Packages of 5  $325 ($65 each)

Package of 10 $600 ($60 each)

Package of 15 $825 ($55 each)

Private Home Clients

1 private $100

10 privates  $900 ($90 each)

15  privates  $1200  ($80 each)

Private Lesson

One Private...$90 (drop in)


5 Pack $425 ($85 per session)

10 Pack $800 ($80 per session) 

Semi Privates

(3-4 people. You are responsible for finding your own group)

1 Semi Private...$45 each (drop in)
4 Pack...$172 each ($43 per session)
8 Pack...$320 ($40 per session) 

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Duets ( 2 People)

1 Duet $50 (drop in)

4 Pack $240 ($48 per session) 

8 Pack $360 ($45 per session) 

Home Private (Mat) Classes

$20 per person 

Minimum of 4

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