Alano Nunez

Former Boxer, Digital Artist, Photographer

Pilates has been a great boost to my overall flexibility, which is something I needed as a boxer. Stability and balance play a major role in boxing, and that’s exactly what Pilates added to my boxing game as it targeted abdominal muscles that I had never worked before. 

Kristen DeMuth

Wife, Mom, Pilates Enthusiast

I started doing Pilates over 15 years ago to complement my running and gym training. I quickly fell in love with it. Eight years ago I was introduced to Lisa Mills and have consistently trained with her 2-3xs a week. I trust Lisa to design a workout for me that is challenging and fun. Her attention to detail and focus on proper alignment is at the highest level. She knows when to push me to do more and when my body needs an adjustment or modification to get the most out of my workout. Lisa is reliable and dependable and so much fun to train with. I look forward to the days I do Pilates with Lisa as I know it will always be a really good workout customized for what my body needs on that day.

Rachel Zimmerman 

Yoga Instructor

I love Lisa’s classes. Her movements are all so creative. Her attention to detail is amazing. Whether it’s telling me to move my right hip just an inch or coming into an arabesque, the smallest movements and the large movements all take me to my edge and make me stronger every time. 

Clarence Boyd
Cranbrook Varsity Tennis Coach

In competitive sports, athletes as well as coaches are always looking for an edge and Lisa has contributed greatly in that space. All my students who are serious about the sport and want to get better on AND off the court I send to Lisa and they're always better off for it.

Nate Burleson

Former Detroit Lions Player

As a professional athlete, I have always searched for way to improve my body. I discovered Pilates when I met the extremely gifted Lisa. Not only did I become a better athlete through our sessions, more importantly my life off the field improved. Lisa has the excellent knowledge of body, unique ability to connect with a persons soul which enhances all facets of life. I am thankful to have worked with her but more importantly, I’m blessed to call her a friend. THANK YOU LISA! 

Mark A. Douglas

Avid Golfer

I have worked with Lisa now for nearly 5 years. I am a 53-year-old male golfer with chronic low back pain. For years I sought treatment through message and chiropractic care. Ultimately, it was recommended that I look into a stretching regimen as most of my issues were due to muscle tightness and strain. Without question, my tailored workout with Lisa has done wonders for my condition. Now, I rarely seek chiropractic care and ultimately have strengthened my core and surrounding muscles to the point where even when injured, my recovery time is far shorter and less extreme. I have increased flexibility and stamina as well. In short, Pilates and Lisa have changed my life. 

Katherine Jacobs

My husband and I have been training with Lisa for over two years and can't say enough about her! She plans each session in advance, specifically tailored for each client's goals and needs, taking into account their anatomical strengths and limitations. The unique talent which distinguishes Lisa from most other fitness instructors is her constant level of attentiveness to posture and subtle movement- which allows her to offer continuous corrections, cues, and adjustments throughout a session (and when it gets especially challenging, I admit I sometimes wish she would be a bit less observant!)  When necessary, she can offer modifications without losing momentum or wasting time which allows you to feel good about making progress, but without risk of overwork or injury. Not only does she pay close attention to  form and posture, she is effortlessly drawing the client's focus to the purpose of each movement or muscle engagement, an experiential strengthening of the mind-body integration, which is what makes the Pilates method so different from other physical workouts.